BLM Punisher (Original Art)


Original art in this collection is normally priced to afford the artists a $15/hour wage. In this case specifically, I’ve decided to donate half the sale price to an organization that supports black lives. Here are 168 Ways to Support Communities of Color. The buyer can decide to which cause the donation is made. Haggling encouraged.

An 11″ x 14″ original collage by Davi Barker depicting Chris Dorner as the Punisher from Marvel Comics wearing a variant of Punisher’s skull emblem designed to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter. Made from pieces cut from “The Punisher: War Zone” no. 14, 24, 25, 30 and 31 published by Marvel Comics in 1993.

This piece comes under glass in a frame customized by Davi Barker for a total dimension of 13″ x 15″.

This collage was my contribution to Punisher co-creator Gerry Conway’s campaign to reclaim the Punisher symbol from right-wing Thin Blue Line activists. Here’s the details. The BLM skull fist I used was designed by artist Don Nguyen as part of this campaign. The background is based on a photo taken by photographer Mark Vancleave at the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis. The face is Chris Dorner, a vigilante who declared “unconventional and asymmetric warfare” against the LAPD after suffering racial abuse and being fired from the department for reporting the excessive use of force by other officers.

My intent here isn’t to celebrate the actions of Chris Dorner. Although he’s celebrated by some, the point of including Chris Dorner in this piece is that he actually resembles the actions and motivations of the fictional Frank Castle far more than the police Thin Blue Line activists support. An anti-hero at best, but more like a villain protagonist.

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