Infinity Gauntlet (Original Art)


Original art in this collection is priced to afford the artist a $15/hour wage. Haggling encouraged.

An 8″ x 10″ original collage by Davi Barker depicting Thanos from Marvel Comics. Made from pieces cut from The Infinity Gauntlet #1 published in 1991. Completed 1/30/2019

This was the first collage I’ve done with a comic of some collector value. I’ve seen it listed online anywhere from $20 to $200. In this case, it was the issue from my own collection that I bought new in 1991. Many have criticized me for destroying this valuable piece of memorabilia, but my thinking is that just as value is a subjective proposition, so too is destruction. What I’ve actually done is taken an item with thousands in circulation, and transformed it into an item that’s truly one-of-a-kind. This was not an act of malice, but veneration. My hands trembled with energy as I held the scissors, and I got the smallest taste of what it must feel like to be someone who does art restoration on priceless masterpieces for museums. It’s interesting for me to reflect that in all the years this comic was in my collection, I’d never actually read it. I never even opened it. And many of the collectors who have criticized me haven’t either. To me the purpose of this art is to celebrate these stories. Not only the covers, but the content, by bringing the inside pages out of the plastic and into view. Like Thanos himself, my hope is that through destruction something of greater value was created.

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