Isaac (Original Art)


This original piece has already sold, but prints are available below. Additionally, I’ve set this listing to allow backorders. If a backorder is placed we will create a similar piece of the same size and composition, although no two collages are ever truly identical. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for us to acquire the comic materials and compose the new collage.

Original art in this collection is priced to afford the artist a $15/hour wage. Haggling encouraged.

An 9″ x 12″ original collage by Davi Barker depicting Isaac from The Orville. Made from pieces cut from DC Comics’ Star Trek comic #47-49 published in 1993. This piece comes under glass in a frame customized by Davi Barker for a total dimension of 13″ x 16″. Completed 11/28/2020.

This is the second Orville themed collage that I’ve done, and even though they eventually published an Orville comic book, I prefer to build Orville compositions from pieces cut from Star Trek comics. I do this because, like the collage, the Orville show is composed of elements cut from Star Trek and repurposed. I consider this, not plagiarism, but intertextuality, which describes the interconnection between related works of literature that reflect and influence an audience’s interpretation. Star Trek, perhaps more than any franchise in history, has inspired an industry of fan fiction, to which the Orville obviously belongs. And Seth MacFarlane, perhaps more than any creative in show business, has built his career on allusion, translation and parody of other works. To the intellectual propertarian this is outrageous and offensive, but to me the weaving of concepts back and forth between different creators is a dialog. A feedback loop. It’s an integral part of the creative process that should be celebrated.

Available on backorder

Available on backorder

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